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Proper & Regular Maintenance of Site

Proper and regular maintenance of your website is a prerequisite for any business to maintain a vibrant online presence. Website maintenance may be costing your business large amounts of money or diverting your human resources towards this task. By outsourcing your website maintenance to Digitek Computer not only can you bring down the relevant bills but also ensure that you are able to focus on your core business area.

To keep the traffic coming in and to ensure that they stay interested in your website, it needs to offer quality content that are frequently updated. From regular content updates and checking for bugs to ensuring that all pages function properly and offer great content and images, website maintenance covers an array of tasks that need to be handled by professionals.

Some of our cost effective website maintenance services include the following:

• Analysis of your current website based on several marketing and aesthetic parameters 
• Bug testing - missing links, spell check, cleaning up code, compatibility check etc 
• Content updates for frequently updated areas of the website, like news and events 
• Content management
• Addition of new pages
• Deletion of outdated pages
• Developing Flash banners and product/service demos
• Graphic works such as creative designing, banner ad development, icons creation etc.

For bigger customers, we can also set-up a dedicated team for all the maintenance activities. The maintenance assignments can be short-term, long-term or fixed pricing.

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