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Reliable antivirus program and update.

Digitek Computers ensures that your computers have up to date antivirus software installed and we train you to know how to keep viruses off of your systems moving forward. Here are a few tips on how to keep away from viruses:

1. Do not copy any file if you don't know or don't trust its source. 

2. Do not open any e-mail attachment coming from an unknown or distrusted source.

3. Do not open any e-mail message unless you know what is it about, even if it comes from a friend or partner. Most viruses spread using e-mail messages. It is easier to prevent than to fix, so please ask for a confirmation from the sender.

4. Don't open the attached files of messages with a suspicious or unexpected subject. If you want to open them, first save them on your hard disk and scan them with an updated antivirus solution.

5. Delete any chain e-mails or unwanted messages. Do not forward them or reply to their senders. This kind of messages is considered spam, because it is undesired and unsolicited and it overloads the Internet traffic.

6. Use a reliable antivirus program and update it regularly. Select an antivirus that has a resident module, in order to monitor possible virus activity while the computer is in use.

7. Be very careful when downloading files from the Internet. Check their source every time and make sure that an antivirus program already verified the files on the download site.

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