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Ultimate surveillance center for your home or business!

Turn your computer into the ultimate surveillance center for your home or business! Your computer becomes a multi-camera video processing computer (video computer).

Digitek Computers will install video cameras and software that connects the cameras to your video computer, allowing you, from the comfort of any computer, to monitor up to 4 video cameras from any remote computer with an Internet connection.

Then, when you go to work, simply access our secure Internet camera viewer, enter your unique username and password, then view all the latest images from each of your video cameras remotely. Each video camera can be configured to capture images at intervals that you define.

We offer you the capability to access historical images captured from your video cameras, allowing you to view a comprehensive history of all images captured by your video cameras and stored to your video computer.

You will have the capability to remotely view current images as well as historical images. You can sort thru historical images taken over the last few minutes, the last few hours, the last few days, weeks, or years. You control the granularity of the historical images that your video computer stores. Any images that are stored on your video computer are then viewable by you from any Internet connected computer, and the privacy of your images is guaranteed by a secure login to your video computer.

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