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Professional digital photographers and videographers.

Digitek Computers employs professional digital photographers and videographers to handle your most exacting requirements. We offer indoor and outdoor photo sessions. 

Taking digital photos and video of events, of your loved ones, of your pets, of your house or business, of your next business party, or of your favorite scenic views. 

You name it...we'll photograph or videotape it for you. All images are transferred to computer disk and then delivered to you on cd-rom, dvd-rom, or your choice of other digital media.

In earlier lives, we have served major companies (like Intel), by taking photos and video and then turning them into professional quality multimedia presentations and sales collateral. We can do the same for you or your company. Imagine the impact of a high quality multimedia presentation, either upon your boss (a business video or photo collage) or upon your loved ones (a personal tribute to your mom and dad on their 50th anniversary). We can work with you to get the best digital photos and video, mix them with an audio track or two, incorporate them into a multimedia presentation, and place the result onto a dvd-rom that you can use for your next business presentation, or for the perfect present to your friends and family.

Digital video and photos also serve as a great set of additions to your website. And, if you don't already have a website, we also offer website creation and website hosting services. Digitek Computers is expert at all things digital. We have experts on staff that can solve any and all of your digital needs. Please call us for a free consultation to determine your specific needs.

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