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We are an authorized reseller of most major software companies.

Whenever you need a software upgrade or a copy of the latest and greatest new software application, you need look no further than Digitek Computers. 

We are an authorized reseller of most major software companies, including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Macromedia, Quicken, Adaptec, Borland, and AutoDesk. We can offer you just about any software product at very competitive prices.

We don't currently have an online software ordering and installation process, as most commercial software is too large to conveniently download over the Internet.

However, what we do offer is an on-site purchase and installation procedure, where we come to your home or office and install the software that you need, real-time, so you can get your job done or get back to having fun with your computer asap.

Digitek Computers is an authorized reseller, dealing with major wholesale software distributors on a daily basis. This allows us to offer you almost every major software title at very competitive pricing. Also, since we come to your location to install the software on your computer, we guarantee that we will only sell you software that works correctly on your computer. You won't ever buy a software product from us that is incompatible with your existing computer.

When you upgrade your computer thru Digitek Computers, we also ensure that the software that we transplant to your new computer is a version that works correctly with your new computer and we provide migration of your old personal files to the new software applications. That's part of the service that we offer to customers every day.

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