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Home and office networking wired or wireless.

Networking multiple computers together allows home and small business computer users to share common files, share printer and scanner devices, as well as share broadband gateway devices. Broadband access services are available through local telephone companies or cable television and satellite providers. 

Broadband is ideal for customers who want fast Internet connection times, enjoy interactive Internet gaming or who want faster large file download speeds for items such as software, digital photos, and music.

We recommend adding networking capability to your computer if you who want to communicate with other computer users or to share networked resources (or Ethernet based network equipment such as residential gateways, routers and access points). 

Home and office networking is gained by either wiring the computers together (using CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cabling) or by adding wireless networking cards to each computer. Wireless networks are often simpler to install (due to the lack of CAT5/CAT6 wiring requirements), but they are more limited in the distances they can communicate with each other.

Digitek Computers installs the highest quality home and office networking components and software. We also install and configure your broadband gateway devices (digital satellite transceivers, cable modems, and DSL modems) that allow all connected computers to share one Internet connection. We also often configure our customer's computers to share their local resources with the other computers connected to their networks.

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