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Your computer software is inventoried prior to every computer upgrade.

Everytime that you upgrade from one computer to a newer computer or even when you upgrade your current computer system with a new hard disk, you are faced with a new problem. Namely, many of the applications and your personal files are no longer available for you to use. 

What this means is that you often lose valuable personal files during the process of making your computer newer, faster, and more capable. Digitek Computers is very sensitive to your need to be productive before, during, and immediately after you upgrade to an enhanced or an entirely new computer. 

We follow a very systematic process. Your computer software is inventoried prior to every computer upgrade. When upgrading your computer, we first backup your personal files. Next, we ensure that all of the software that you currently use will be available after the upgrade. 

After upgrading your computer or one of it's hard disk drives, we ensure that your new computer has all of your familiar software applications running correctly. We next restore your original personal files onto the new computer and make sure that all of your software works correctly and that you can correctly access your personal files.

We call this process "Transplanting" your software applications and personal files, just like a surgeon transplants vital organs within the human body. The Transplant process is only as good as the surgeon and we have years of acting as surgeon, so we are well qualified to operate on your computer. Our success rate is 100%. Your personal files and applications are in good hands when you trust them to Digitek Computers.

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