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Looking for a technician when you have a computer problem

Keep your network and systems operational with technicians, parts and all the resources necessary standing by to respond quickly. Similar to an insurance policy, we will be standing by to keep your computers, peripherals and networks running smoothly.
Don't wait until there is a problem, be prepared now with a service agreement that includes all parts and labor.. 

\ Looking for a technician when you have a computer problem is an expensive proposition when you are running a business and computer downtime is costing you productivity

Digitek Computers offers Computer Maintenance Agreements for both Home and Office users. We will provide a customized solution to meet your needs, whatever those needs may be. For a fixed monthly fee, we repair problems that come up with any covered software or hardware. Our program includes a fixed monthly amount that includes the cost of parts, labor and support. Certified exact replacement or upgraded parts are used in all systems.

When you need service you call directly to our support center where your call is answered directly by a call coordinator. Our standard plan guarantees that you'll talk to a phone technician within 90 minutes and we will have an on-site technician at your location within hours of the time that you talk with a phone technician.

Our service includes all labor, parts and travel. There is a minimum negotiated fee per month per location. This fee is calculated at the time that you sign up for our computer maintenance agreement, based upon your needs and the response time that you require.

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