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We use custom developed tools to analyze your computers

We use custom developed tools to analyze your computers. What are Computer Forensics? When you absolutely need to know what someone has done with a computer, we will perform an exhaustive analysis of the computer system, looking at all of the files and remnants of files that exist on the computer's hard disks. 

Digital information is not always readily accessible. Some files may be deleted, corrupted or otherwise hidden. In addition to collecting currently active files through live data collection, computer forensics methods allow the collection of deleted, hidden, password-protected and encrypted files.

For computer forensic data collection, our procedures include imaging your floppy and hard disks, ensuring that the original evidence is not used for forensic evaluation. Your data is always protected from possible contamination during examination. We boot the system with forensic tools and procedures to avoid traps and viruses, and we log each step of the investigation. The software we use meets the exacting standards of the computer forensic community.

For live data collection, we follow comprehensive procedures to establish and maintain data authenticity and a continuing chain of custody for sensitive material. Our procedures are designed to minimize the risk of damaging, destroying or otherwise compromising the evidence during the investigation of the targeted computer's data storage areas.

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